Majeed Mogharreban is a professional speaker, author and entrepreneur. After starting five businesses before he turned 21, Majeed now helps companies succeed faster with the entrepreneurial mindset. He is known for being an energizing keynote speaker that empowers audiences to take action. His unique perspective on business leadership has taken him across the globe; guiding organizations such as World Wildlife Fund, Toyota, Vanguard, and Loblaw Inc. to achieve more, faster. His story-filled talks demonstrate how to harness the entrepreneurial mindset that is key to success in the 21st century.

Through powerful keynote speeches and training, Majeed brings an enthusiastic start-up spirit to the corporate world. His actionable leadership solutions pave the way to heightened innovation, creativity and effectiveness in the workplace. As a Consultant for first-time entrepreneurs with Invest Ottawa and the YMCA, Majeed has a unique, up-to-date view of how individuals can influence growth and profitability within a company. With a focus on maximizing strengths, he teaches leaders how to develop a corporate culture that attracts, engages and retains employees who champion the company’s long-term vision for success. Majeed’s most in-demand speech topics are centered on Networking, Leadership and the Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Majeed’s passion is to help people find their path and to walk it. Thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs have been trained by Majeed, including Olympic gold medalist Nova Peris, and MVP Australian footballer and spokesperson for indigenous rights, Michael Long. He is praised for his natural ability to inspire self-confidence and proactive living. Majeed’s work continues to be inspired by youthful ambition. As Coordinator of Invest Ottawa’s Summer Company Program, he gets to mentor young entrepreneurs in their first business ventures. Majeed is a strong believer that we can achieve anything we set our minds to and shares this message through his motivational speech “Winning at Life”.

Majeed’s co-authored book, “Winning At Life”, is a must-have instructional guide for young people to live a life of passion and make a meaningful impact along the way. Majeed has been a guest expert on various news media, including Canada’s national publication The Globe and Mail.

Originally from Illinois, Majeed has made his home in Gatineau, Quebec where he lives with his beautiful wife and young daughter. He continues to quench his thirst for travel through speaking engagements and the occasional family adventure.


Majeed's clients hire him when they have these issues:

  • Staff says "not my job" instead of "problems are opportunities in disguise."
  • Poor communication leads to low productivity and toxic work culture
  • Sales are declining
  • Client has trouble differentiating their service on value and winning high-ticket clients
  • Having a hard time getting results from networking